New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, NZ


Since moving to Christchurch one year ago, we noticed the city is still pretty far behind where we thought it would be repairing the damage made from the devastating earthquake sequences of 2009/2010, and nowhere is this more evident that out here by the beach. There lies a gap of houses between the city and the beach, small roads that lead to nowhere, but it is evident this city is picking itself back up again, as all great cities do.

Having spent our first year living pretty central, we jumped at the chance to move into a gorgeous townhouse by the sea, literally, 20 ft from the dunes that lead the way to the great Pacific Ocean. While we are not too thrilled about spending a winter fighting the North Westerly breeze, we’re Irish, we’re used to the cold sea air on our faces while on a trip to the beach!

This is just a few photos I’ve taken since moving in.




Author: WonderingAndWandering

Instagram : Meabh_Moo

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